Steering the ElephantWhen I started my career in organizational development, I thought that if you gave people the best tools, training, and resources, they would move mountains. I thought by helping people problem solve and logically work through their issues, they would be better employees. Organizations would leap at the opportunity to become better organizations by investing small amounts of resources to leverage the organization’s ability to be as effective as possible. If you built it, they would come…and prosper. As a general concept, I still believe this. As a practical matter, I’ve learned along the way, it’s really hard for organizations (or individuals) to consistently and effectively develop their talent pool (personal resources). I have always been curious as to why this is.

This blog will dig deeper into that curiosity. The outcome will be the creation of a place where others, who believe that organizations (and individuals) are at their strongest when they effectively develop their resources; can compare notes, tell some stories, ask some questions, learn something new, and remind themselves of things from the past that work.