For almost twenty years in early February, an email with the heading “Pitchers and Catchers report…” either appears in my Inbox or is sent from mine to a very close friend who lives far away.  I think he started it.  I’m so glad he did.

There are years I remember to send it first.  I spontaneously smile as I hit the send button.  I feel a sense of contentment.  I am reminded of the days that I played, the coming of spring, the possibilities of new beginnings.  And I know that the reaction will be the same on the other end.  In those years that he is ahead of me and sends the message first, I enjoy all the same feelings.  It’s just a short reminder:

Pitchers and catchers report next week.  I hope you are well.”

That’s usually it, but it speaks volumes.

I wish I could bottle the feeling.  It is a guaranteed smile when it appears in my mail or I send it to him.  Neither of us thinks about it much throughout the year.  Something occurs to one of us in early February – an awareness – a sense not to forget something, and off the message goes.  It is something that is done as it occurs to us – not put off or relegated to later.

It is small moments such as these, with my immediate, positive reaction, that remind me of how much is going on in our brain just below the surface, waiting to be expressed, waiting for Spring…