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Expectations of the middle aged workforce

Who would you rather have flying US Airways 1549 on January 15, 2009, a 58 year old Sully Sullenberger, or a 28 year old Sully Sullenberger?  The odds are that your best chance for survival, had you been on that flight, is the mature Captain Sullenberger. In her latest book, The Secret Life of the […]

Expectations and the young work force

A friend told me about a recent volleyball tournament that he attended with his daughter. During the multiple-day tournament, his very excited 15-year-old daughter ran up to him and exclaimed, “Daddy, we won a bronze medal, and we’re going to get our picture taken in the medal ceremony.” Somewhat bewildered, the Dad gave his daughter […]

About the name Steering the Elephant

You’ve heard expressions like this, “The logical thing to do is…This doesn’t make sense…Why don’t they do it this way…It’s really very simple …Make a list and follow it… Just put the fork down…I don’t understand, I can do it, why can’t you…, You need more self control…” You have also heard expressions like this, […]

Why do I want to do this

When I started my career in organizational development, I thought that if you gave people the best tools, training, and resources, they would move mountains. I thought by helping people problem solve and logically work through their issues, they would be better employees. Organizations would leap at the opportunity to become better organizations by investing […]