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Something To Help Me Slow Down

I was looking for something to store my headphones in or on and was not successful in my search for quite some time. I either did not like the look or did not want to spend as much on a stand as I had on the headphones. I am also difficult to buy presents for, […]

Pitchers and Catchers Report…

For almost twenty years in early February, an email with the heading “Pitchers and Catchers report…” either appears in my Inbox or is sent from mine to a very close friend who lives far away.  I think he started it.  I’m so glad he did. There are years I remember to send it first.  I […]

Colbert vs. Stewart, or the Amygdala vs. the Pre-Frontal Cortex

The March to Keep Fear Alive vs. the Rally to Restore Sanity. “Freedom, Liberty, and Fear” pitted against “A Call to Reasonableness”. The symbolism is terrific. Stephen (Amygdala) Colbert  represents the antecedent to reason, a base emotional response – fear.  When triggered, the fear response is a process that takes milliseconds to make.  John (Pre-Frontal […]