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The Greatest Gift was Attention

…1965… …Multitask cofigurations… … IBM System/360… … Redefines the relationship between a program and a task… … Mutiprogramming environment shifts the focus from one program, one task to shared code – many tasks each with own priority… …Operating System/360 – task management, not program management… Multitasking, in 1965 was described as a way for tasks, […]

The Way You See Is How You Think

Most of us never give any thought to how we see.  We just look at something, and there it is.  Clear as a bell. Quickly look left or right and there is no blur. One of the things interesting about this phenomenon of everything staying in focus is that while we perceive that our vision […]

Cooperative Elephants

I’ve written about Angry Elephants venting their frustrations on vans rather than people. Now I’d like to show you that elephants also can cooperate with each other at a high level. I think it is interesting that, without language skills, these elephants seem to know when to: wait for help, find creative ways to accomplish […]